Blocks and Robotics League



Blocks & Robotics League 

A group leadership and social skills development program in which children learn how to gain friends and

positively interact with peers. This program

Uses Lego constructs and robotics to reach

these goals.

Creativity Challenge Series


Creativity Challenges Series

Our creativity challenge series develops problem solving skills that help children transition within our social environment while building self-esteem. Think of our creativity challenge series as equivalent to your schools A+ programs. These programs are designed for our smart kids who don’t quite have the grades but they do have the intelligence. Some of the topics covered in our series include:

Space Exploration

Egypt and its Pyramids

Detectives and Espionage

Leadership Robotics and History Program


The Leadership, Robotics and History Program or LRH for short, is a social skills program designed for children between the age of 8 and 14 who are diagnosed with a level 1 Autism as well as children who exhibit ADHD or have learning challenges dealing with social skills. 

The program is run by Tracks 4 Kids, a non-profit agency.  For more information you can go to the Tracks 4 Kids website at

Catch the Big Fish


Catch the Big Fish, is a social skills program for children who have high level Autism and or other social skills challenges.   The program is run once each year as a summer activity and teaches children with social skills deficits how to fish and make friends.  

The program is run by Tracks 4 Kids, a non-profit agency.  For more information you can contact Tracks 4 Kids at:

The Emerald Palace Practice Channel


Emerald Palace Practice runs its own channel on YouTube.  The channel is a multipurpose venue and offers ideas on possible treatment strategies for Autism and other learning disabilities as well as fun quick videos on Lego builds, stop motion videos etc. 

Questions and Answers


If you have any questions concerning our programs or programs we support, feel free to communicate with  us through our contact page.